University of Toronto

Verification Process

Once the credit card transaction has been approved and processed, the search will proceed. If the information you submit in your verification request matches information in the University's of Toronto database, the corresponding Verification Data will be made available to you. If the information you submit in your verification request does not match any information in our database, the corresponding search results will identify that no file was found.

Accuracy of Search Results

The search will not be done unless all required information is accurate and complete.

Payment Obligations

You agree to make payment for any and all verification requests that have been successfully submitted, regardless of the results of the search or the accuracy of the data entered into the search fields.

On-Line Payment

Payments to the University of Toronto must be completed using a credit card. The University does not collect, store or use credit card information or any other financial information. The University redirects the requester to Moneris, a reputable financial institution, and such information is directly collected by Moneris on a secure webpage.